the artist

What –

Exploring our Relationship with the Planet

Planetary Intimacies is both an artist's name and an artistic field research project. The aim of this artistic approach is to take the viewer on a journey of exploration, so everyone can take on the role of artistic researcher, asking the following questions: What is my relationship with the planet? What is my perspective on the world? And what does this perspective do to me, to society and to the planet?

How –

Navigating the Boundaries of Perception

Planetary Intimacies works as a form of exploration that pushes the boundaries of our cognitive capacity. It challenges our understanding and acts as a gentle lever, encouraging us to open up new perspectives and reshape our understanding. The journey involves navigating the delicate balance between comprehension and uncertainty, constantly pushing the boundaries of our understanding.

Why –

Embracing the Dissonance

At its core, this exploration is driven by playfulness, experimentation, failure and an acceptance of the contradictions inherent in our world. Planetary Intimacies embodies a profound reflection on the interplay between the known and the unknown, an ongoing endeavour to explore and endure dissonance without the compulsion to resolve everything.

landarts Installation


Originally delved into various design forms and subsequently evolved as fine arts studies under Michael Stevenson. Guided by self-organised field research trips to destinations such as Kyrgyzstan (2019) or Iceland (2021), the project has actively participated in international residencies, including those in Argentina (2018) and Chile (2019). These experiences have played a key role in shaping international exhibitions, such as the recent 'Points of Return' showcase in the US in 2023.