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Owning the Fractures

nature art solheimajökull

Appropriating landscape through tourism, sport,
photography or other artistic practices also means owning
the fractures of it.
What can it mean to take responsibility for
a fracture on an environmental and social level?

Glacier Crack Frottage, DetailPlanetary Intimacies – Owning the Fractues

Glacier Crack Frottage.
Glacier Fracture Frottage

My series of glacier crack frottages is an artistic exploration of something that will soon be gone. The changing shape of the cracks draws boundaries between something that is lost and something that is new, something that is just emerging, while we are inextricably caught in between.

eco artist works on his glacier crack frottage on glacier.
As geological time converges with human experience, Planetary Intimacies raises deep questions about our capacity to comprehend and adapt to this shifting paradigm, inviting us to embrace a state of interconnected vulnerability.
– Rita Trindade, Founder of Through Objects
Glacier Ice Frottage

Owning the Fractures is supported by Wissenschaft im Dialog and will soon be presented on a separate project page.

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