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Glacier Ice on Beach Solheimajökull

How can the experiments that have begun in the natural world be continued in a meaningful way in the exhibition space?

Exhibition of Tauwetter. Ice as a sculpture

A piece of glacial ice is scanned with a mobile 3D scanner and sealed in a folding canister. Using the scanned data, the negative mould of the piece of ice is produced with a 3D printer. The ice is then refrozen from the sealed water.
The piece of ice is then placed on a prepared freezer. As the ice melts, the water runs back through a pipe into its mould in the freezer, where it refreezes. This process is repeated. As water is also lost through evaporation during the melting process, the mould gets emptier with each run. This process is repeated until all the water has evaporated.

3d scans of Tauwetter environmental art installation.
The forming process becomes a self-reflecting and self-dissolving hourglass
Exhibition of Tauwetter. Anthropocene Art Sculpture.
Art Concept Scribble
Concept Scribble | Outline of a possible development of the work

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