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Detail of an eco art installation at Kulturgewächshaus Fürth by Planetary Intimacies

What if we dare to acknowledge our inner interconnectedness and vulnerability, and use our privileges and strengths to reposition ourselves?

Kunstausstellung Kulturgewächshaus Fürth
Inflatable Sculpture

The idea: to make the changing ice thickness of a glacier tangible in a walk-in air sphere. For the breathing frequency of the sphere, we used data on the ice volume of the Rhone Glacier from 1874 to 2100.

Concept art infographic about climate change by Planetary Intimacies

The experience of the glacier's "breathing" tells of intimacy and degrees of impact in relation to the planet. The changing shape of the aerial sphere draws boundaries between something that is lost and something new, while we are inseparably stuck in between all the time. In this way, the sphere of air raises the question of the relationship between size and vulnerability.

Air Sculpture with Exhibition Visitors
Environmental Data based Art. Melting shapes of the Rhone Glacier
Data Source | Jouvet, G., Huss, M., Blatter, H., Picasso, M., & Rappaz, J. (2009). Numerical simulation of Rhone glaciers from 1874 to 2100. We thank Johannes Fürst from the Institute of Geography at FAU for helping us to read the data.
Land artist inflatable installation sculpture by Planetary IntimaciesEnvironmental art installation about melting glaciers by Planetary Intimacies.
Exhibition View | Kulturgewächshaus Fürth 2022
The forming process becomes a self-reflecting and self-dissolving hourglass
– Jana Mitnacht, collaborating artist
Art Vernissage in Offspace by Planetary Intimacies

atmend was created in collaboration with Jana Mitnacht and was supported by Leonardo Zentrum für Innovation and Kreativität.

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