The story behind

Inevitable Across

Installation with artist sketchbook by Planetary Intimacies

To challenge the notion that opposites are, by nature, mutually exclusive.

Work in progress in white cube exhibition by Planetary Intimacies
Canvas with natural Pigments

Inevitable: opposites are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Enduring contradictions requires openness, flexibility and cognitive agility …

Across: Curiosity, searching, relating and playing until the moment of letting go …

Living Canvas, bio art.
Peter Falkenberg in front of climate art sculpture by Planetary Intimacies.
Planetary Intimacies invites us to embrace the contradictions inherent in our existence and to confront the complexity of the human experience. Through a playful exploration of opposites, the artist challenges us to remain open-minded, flexible and cognitively agile in our quest for understanding.
Artist Sketchbook Installation
Environmental artist sculpture by Planetary Intimacies
Exhibition View | Academy Gallery 2023

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