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To build a Home

To build a home – Planetary Intimacy

What does it mean to operate in a state of constant change? How can a transparent and porous tent be a mental model for the current state of in-between?

Planetary Intimacy Landscape Photography Glacier Lagoon
Process of building a tent

Through my paintings and their photographic documentation, I make landscapes my own. I use large formats, always two by three metres, so that you can easily relate both the nature and the painting in the photograph. The canvas is a size that feels familiar to me when I stand in front of it, a sort of human scale. I always want to photograph the canvas with nature, or rather nature with the canvas?

Inside a tent of Planetary Intimacy.

What does it mean to relate as a human being? In my constant inadequacy with myself. Will painting get me any further at all? I cut up a painted canvas and sew a tent out of it, I can lie down in it, it fits perfectly. Human scale. Later, I set up the tent where I would actually have painted and think to myself: isn't this exactly what landscape painting has always been? Definition and appropriation?

Planetary Intimacy Kunst
Changing topographies, climate diagrams and the boundaries of retreating glaciers enter into an aesthetic dialogue between physical encounters and the unstoppable progression of climate change.
Landart Installation by Planetary Intimacies in front of a Glacier

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