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Points of Access

Modern Landscape Painting Skaftafell National Park, Iceland by Planetary Intimacies

What does landscape painting look like when satellite images of melting glaciers drift through the back of your mind?

Nature art, work in progress, Skaftafell National Park, Iceland.
Contemporary Landscape Painting Isle of Sky, Scotland, by Planetary Intimacies

I use painting, mapping and sensory research as a method for understanding landscapes as Points of Access to the Anthropocene. In doing so, I perceive landscape as a multifaceted system, intricately interwoven with diverse materialities and practices influenced by both human and non-human entities.

Nature artwork, Glacier Grey, Torres del Paine by Planetary Intimacies

While painting outdoors, nature constantly forces me to rethink my approach. Physically and metaphorically. What does it mean to acknowledge our inner interconnectedness and vulnerability as organisms? How does our perspective change when we admit that we can no longer pass through the all-embracing entanglements?

Acrylic Landscape painting Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon by Planetary Intimacies
Sustainable art in Torres del Paine National Park at Grey Glacier by Planetary Intimacies
environmental art by Planetary Intimacies in Iceland
Modern Landscape Painting Skaftafell National Park, Iceland by Planetary Intimacies
Art Exhibitionby Planetary Intimacies at Djúpavík, Fish Factory Iceland.
Contemporary Landscape Painting in Glencoe, Three Sisters, Scotland by Planetary Intimacies
Hardangervidda Art Installation Norway by Planetary Intimacies
Sustainable glacier art in skaftafell national park by Planetary Intimacies
Outdoor art on a Glacier by Planetary Intimacies
Natur, Landschaftsmalerei Watzmann, Ramsau im SommerNatur, Landschaftsmalerei Watzmann, Ramsau im Winter

In this series, I left my paintings out in nature for a longer period of time. After the first week, there were already clear traces of abrasion. Strange forms of self-similarity begin to emerge between the membrane and took over the canvas. After 6 weeks, I fold the canvas and put it in my backpack. As I walk down the hill, I think about how, exactly now, new cracks are forming between the layers of paint.

Exhibition View | Klima Kunst Natur, Ramsau 2022
The decision to present the canvases in nature creates a variety of interactions between landscape and image. The semi-transparent canvases allow the viewer to see through and experience the painting and landscape as a complement.
STEFAN WIMMER, Director, Art Academy Bad Reichenhall

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